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Welcome to Zenergy Pole and Yoga, your boutique oasis for alternative fitness nestled in the vibrant heart of Upper Marlboro, Maryland. At Zenergy, we're passionate about creating a dynamic and nurturing space where fitness and self-expression merge, offering you a unique path to wellness and empowerment.

Our studio specializes in a diverse range of experiences, from energizing private and group pole dance classes to serene yoga sessions that flow seamlessly from indoor tranquility to the beauty of the great outdoors, including the gentle embrace of aqua yoga. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of the pole or the peace of the mat, our sessions are thoughtfully designed to cater to your personal journey, allowing for full customization to align with your individual preferences.

Zenergy's distinctive charm lies in our exceptional indoor/outdoor setup, providing an immersive experience that promises not only to refine your physical capabilities but also to rejuvenate your spirit. It's a haven where every visit leaves you feeling invigorated, centered, and more deeply connected with yourself.

Beyond our regular offerings, our versatile venue serves as a perfect backdrop for private events. Whether celebrating milestones, hosting gatherings, or simply enjoying a day of wellness with friends, Zenergy offers an unforgettable setting for any occasion.

Step into Zenergy Pole and Yoga, where every session is an opportunity to explore, grow, and shine in your own unique way. Join us on this journey of discovery, strength, and joy.
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